Question Zecora

(happy first of the month that comes between march and may.)

I know the sopa hubub has died down (thank celestia!) but I wanted to put my two cents in, even if they are they are a bit belated.

while sopa didn’t directly censor, it did say to the public that capitalism trumped free speech, and whats more, power trumped democracy. we didn’t want it, and it almost went through anyway. the powers that be, (be it by law or by dollar) serve the public, not vice versa.

this will happen again, and when it does, I hope we can react the same, awesome job everypony.

Also, before anypony frets, this is about as far as I will take this blog into the NSFW realm. I want to make a few adult jokes, not explicit content. (that’s what my other blog is for…) so no worries. Props to ask wayward for letting me borrow his censorship pony again. way too much fun.

will get back to shorter answers soon, too much time between posts! so many questions! thanks you guys!